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The heart of our practice is psychotherapy.


The word ‘psycho’ stems from the Greek word ‘psyche’, which means ‘soul’ or ‘mind’. In today’s languages, this refers to mental processes and emotions. The term ‘therapy’ means ‘healing’ or ‘attending to’.


Attending to and healing the soul and mind is an accurate description of psychotherapy and our work at AkindaCo.  Our heart is in attending to and assisting you when you may be facing life questions and challenges.


We provide comprehensive, holistic, psychotherapy services that make psychotherapeutic change more possible and sustainable.  


At AkindaCo, we are research-driven and relationship-focused. We understand that trust and a strong relationship with your therapist are vital in creating change. Our entire team is highly qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable.


We are the therapists that teach therapists – Internationally and locally.


The majority of our team currently teach into the University of Adelaide’s Masters of Psychotherapy program. Our Co-Directors have held multiple lecturing and professorial positions specialising in psychotherapy at South Australian universities and the UK.  We continue to hold academic titles at the University of Adelaide and research, write and deliver our own professional development workshops to therapists across the globe.


At AkindaCo, we believe that therapy is a process best built together. You are the expert in your stories and experiences, and our therapists are experts at co-constructing meaningful change alongside you. We discover beside each other as we navigate sometimes complex terrain.

We bring a creative approach to all of our work. We recognise that by the time you have reached out to us, you may have tried many strategies, and that we need to be creative, flexible and responsive as we move forward together.

A values-driven team.

We work as a collaborative team, providing a wide array of expertise. Taking a wrap around approach, we cater to people and their families that may need support at home, school, in the community or a combination of. Our therapists often work together alongside you to provide expert services to children, adolescents and adults in the family.

If you are interested in joining an academic, professional and playful team, see our open roles below.

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Paula, Founder and Co-Director of AkindaCo. Paula, is an accomplished Psychotherapist with extensive expertise in mental health. With over two decades of practice and multiple Master’s degrees in research and Arts Psychotherapy, she has significant overview of mental health services in the UK and Australia. As a academic and University program lead, Paula has shaped therapeutic practices and policies. Paula loves a good coffee, a novel, and the South Australian sunshine.

Paula Gillespie-Fotheringham

Founder, Joint Director, Art Psychotherapist

Shane Fotheringham, is Co-Director at AkindaCo and leverages over 25 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families. With a Master of Clinical Family Psychotherapy and a Graduate Diploma in Family Therapy, he adeptly tackles complex emotional and behavioural challenges through systemic, evidence-based methods. A former university lecturer and advocate for social justice, Shane's empathetic, client-centred approach promotes resilience and equity, ensuring his therapeutic interventions are innovative and research-driven.

Shane Fotheringham

Joint Director,
Family Therapist Psychotherapist

Rana is a PACFA registered clinical counsellor and integrative systemic psychotherapist. She strives toward cultural democracy and humility in her work. She is a passionate member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and welcomes clients from all walks of life. Rana is interested in education of therapists, and is a peer reviewed author. Currently pursuing a Master of Clinical Family Therapy, she enjoys yoga and dancing in her free time.

Rana Kökçinar

Senior Psychotherapist & Education Lead

Chantel, a PACFA registered psychotherapist, with a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy, specialises in working with young people, couples, & families. Her expertise includes complex trauma, neurodivergence, behaviour concerns, and sexual health education across diverse abilities and orientations. Employing Play Therapy and Systemic Family Systems, she fosters a safe, empathetic environment for healing. As a proud LGBTQI+ community member, she champions inclusivity. Outside work, Chantel enjoys nature, op-shopping, and camping.

Chantel Nunn

Psychotherapist & Sexual Health Lead

Carly has over a decade in the disability sector, and is a DEAI-registered developmental educator with a Bachelor's from Flinders University and a Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Child Play from Deakin University. Skilled with various disabilities, she specializes in boosting children's independence using innovative therapies like Learn to Play. Carly excels at using play for emotional processing and creative development. She provides empathetic, tailored support, ensuring each child's needs are met. Outside work, she enjoys fitness, cooking, and outdoor activities.

Carly Mercier

Developmental Educator & Play Therapist

Sophie, a PACFA-registered UK counsellor, brings a decade of experience in correctional, educational, and community settings. Using a person-centered approach, she prioritises client insights and fosters a safe growth environment. Sophie assists individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma, and clients identifying as plural. Employing narrative and solution-focused therapies with neuroscience, she helps clients identify strengths. Outside work, Sophie enjoys nature walks with her schnauzer, Lachie, and exploring Adelaide.

Sophie Johnson


Jade, a PACFA registered Psychotherapist with a Master's in Psychotherapy from the University of Adelaide, serves in dual capacities at Akindaco. Her extensive experience in complex mental health informs her innovative, community-focused support initiatives. Committed to client-led care, Jade empowers individuals with trauma backgrounds and neurodivergent identities. With a rich arts background, she values storytelling as a therapeutic tool and focuses on systemic psychotherapy to enhance familial relationships. Outside work, Jade enjoys traveling, theatre, and classic movies.

Jade Goga

Psychotherapist & Outreach Program Lead

Keaghan Hearn, a warm and empathetic Psychotherapist, holds a Master’s from the Australian College of Applied Professions. His military background enriches his resilient and clear-sighted approach. At AkindaCo, Keaghan excels in delivering personalized therapies, crisis intervention, and psychoeducation. Passionate about continuous growth, his genuine care and dedication profoundly impact clients’ wellbeing, making him a trusted practitioner committed to nurturing personal and emotional development.

Keaghan Hearn


Tham is a compassionate Clinical Family Therapist and Social Worker, dedicated to empowering individuals and families through challenging emotional and behavioural issues. With experience in mental health support and life story work, he excels in creating safe, non-judgmental spaces that foster understanding and growth. Tham's systemic approach enhances relationship dynamics and communication within families and couples. His diverse international background enriches his practice, making him a respectful and effective listener and psychotherapist.

Tham Fuyana

Family & Systemic Psychotherapist - telehealth specialist

Marlee is a Psychotherapist with a Master's from the University of Adelaide. Using her natural ability to connect with people, informed by systemic psychotherapy and narrative practice, she works to recognise and address the profound impact of relationships, family and broader systems on her client’s well-being. With a unique ethnic background, Marlee is community-minded, culturally aware, and values storytelling for processing the human experience. Her spare time involves live music, travelling and hiking. Marlee provides outreach session in the south.

Marlee Mohi


Alyssa is our booking genius! Alyssa holds a Certificate III in Business Administration and manages our front desk, expertly handling calls and greeting clients in our city office. She's building her workplace experience and confidence, always ready to tackle new challenges. With a background in children’s services, Alyssa aims to continue making a difference. She’s outgoing, enjoys hiking, adventures with friends, live music, and caring for AkindaCo's resident fish—ask her their names!

Alyssa Ladegourdie

Administrative Officer

Tina, the finance officer, expertly manages all financial operations, including payroll, accounts payable and receivable, banking, and reconciliations. She also handles human resources, fluently communicating in both English and German. Passionate about her role within AkindaCo and how this allows her to make a difference in the community sector..Outside of work, she enjoys swimming, rock climbing, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Tina Demann

Finance Officer

Abby, an intern therapist at AkindaCo, is pursuing her Master’s in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Adelaide, building on a Psychology degree and forensic psychology studies in The Netherlands. Passionate about child therapy, she uses expressive and systems therapy with a person-centered approach. Abby also mentors youth, assists at-risk students, and enjoys crocheting, beach walks, playing piano, and singing. She works Tuesdays and Fridays at AkindaCo's North Adelaide and Munno Para offices.


Intern Therapist

Carlie, in her final year at Ikon Institute of Adelaide studying Art Therapy, has spent three years in the disability sector, working with diverse ages and areas including; autism, intellectual disabilities, Parkinson's disease, depression, and anxiety. She champions art and expressive therapies as vital tools for emotional expression and insight. Committed to a relational and strength-based approach, Carlie enjoys weightlifting, beach outings, and cooking in her spare time. She values a grounded lifestyle, thriving outdoors and among people.


Intern Art Therapist


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