Expressive Therapy

Worried about your child?

Expressive Therapy could be the answer.


Support Your Child's Emotions

Expressive therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps children express their thoughts and feelings through the creative medium of art, music, movement, drama, play, and sand play—tapping into your child’s natural way of communicating and expressing feelings.


Expressive therapy is a well-recognised approach, specifically suited to children with a developmental age of 3 – 12 years. Through creativity and play the child is able to identify, work through, and resolve emotional conflicts that are too painful or too difficult to express verbally, or that may in fact be outside conscious awareness.


An Expressive Therapist helps children explore their feelings and process their experiences, enabling them to cope better in the future. Expressive therapy can help children feel happier, resolve complicated feelings, develop emotional literacy, improve self-confidence and resilience, and build positive relationships. It also helps children communicate feelings or experiences they may find hard to put into words.


Sometimes children need extra support to manage difficult times or a traumatic event or a developmental delay. Expressive Therapy can help children in a similar way that counselling can help adults.


Expressive Therapy can help with the following

Big behaviours, anger, tantrums

Trauma, family violence, accidents.

Non / less verbal children, selective mutism

Divorce, bereavement, illness

Self-harming behaviours

School stress, bullying

Autism, sensory modulation, attention and focus.


Want to know more?

What does the first session look like?

We understand that therapy can be a daunting or scary process! Generally, our initial appointment with you, your child and family involves two practitioners. We will explain the process and get you settled in before we start to explore what you would like to see different. We’ll talk together about next steps so that you leave with an idea of what comes next.

Will my child be comfortable?

Children LOVE our play spaces. We have toys, art material and sensory resources to suit all age groups. There will always be one therapist who can be with the child to make them feel comfortable, understand their play and get to know them. Kids often don’t want to leave since they’re having so much fun!

What sort of therapy do you provide?

We provide psychotherapy informed by a number of principles including Expressive Therapy (i.e.  expressive arts for therapeutic use), neurobiology, trauma and attachment, systemic thinking and childhood and family development.

We provide a holistic service that caters to you and your family, which can include any of the following: Play Therapy, Expressive Therapy, Art Psychotherapy, Systemic Family Therapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy.

What is the difference between Psychology and Psychotherapy?

Psychologists are Masters level trained clinicians who focus on assessment, diagnosis and intervention using predominantly CBT, ACT, DBT or mindfulness. Currently we do not have any psychologists on our team.


Our Psychotherapists are Masters qualified clinicians who focus on the therapeutic relationship and rapport building, as well as developing nuanced and integrative interventions from a number of evidence-informed therapy modalities that suit the individual or family presenting. They focus on client-centred practice and feedback that consistently checks in about how we’re doing in the process of helping you.

Do you take Medicare Rebates?

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency currently does not accept Psychotherapists to register. Instead, Psychotherapists and Counsellors are registered with their our specialist registry bodies such as PACFA, AAFT and ANZACATA. This means that specialist Psychotherapists cannot obtain Medicare Provider Numbers. 


However, as we highly value accessibility and want to make our services available to the community, we have Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) Reduced Cost Pathway, whereby we honour your MHCP and reduce the rate of services to the suggested gap fee outlined by the Australian Psychological Society.


We would Love To Hear From You

Not sure where to start? Reach out to our therapy team today to learn more or book an initial appointment. 


This 90-minute initial appointment is an opportunity for exploration of your goals and visions, allowing us to create a flexible plan to move towards what you’d like to see differently.

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